Friday, February 5, 2016

WFLD Channel 32 TV Schedule for Sunday, October 23, 1994

3:30 am                          WWF Wrestling Challenge (no contenders listed)
6:00 am                          This Week
6:30 am                          Esta Semana
7:00 am                          Paid Programming
7:30 am                          Dr. Arthur DeKruyter
8:00 am                          It Is Written
8:30 am                         Dr. D. James Kennedy
9:00 am                         Blade Warriors
10:00 am                       This Is the NFL
10:30 am                       Bears Sunday Live
11:00 am                       NFL Today

12 noon                        NFL Football: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions
3:00 pm                        NFL Football: either Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Raiders, Dallas Cowboys
                                                               at Arizona Cardinals or Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Diego

6:00 pm                        Fortune Hunter   "The Cursed Dagger"
7:00 pm                        Simpsons
7:30 pm                        Hardball   "My Name Is Hard B."
8:00 pm                        Married With Children  "Sleepless In Chicago"
8:30 pm                        George Carlin   "George Runs Into An Old Friend"
9:00 pm                        News
9:30 pm                        Bears Sunday
10:00 pm                      M*A*S*H
10:30 pm                      M*A*S*H
11:00 pm                      Movie   "Big Trouble In Little China"

Early Monday, October 24, 1994
1:00 am                     Paid Programming
1:30 am                     Paid Programming
2:00 am                     Movie   "Turk 182"

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