Tuesday, May 26, 2015

WTTW Channel 11 TV Schedule for Sunday, March 1, 1981

7:00 am                         Sesame Street
8:00 am                         Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
8:30 am                         Zoom
9:00 am                         Sesame Street
10:00 am                       Zoom
10:30 am                       Electric Company (rerun)
11:00 am                       Once Upon a Classic (rerun)

12 noon                        Once Upon a Classic (rerun)
1:00 pm                        Rostenkowski (rerun)
1:30 pm                        Silver Wings & Santiago Blue
2:30 pm                        Reunions: Memories of an American Experience
3:00 pm                        Chicago Feedback (guest: Angela Lansbury; rerun)
4:00 pm                        Firing Line  "Human Rights & Foreign Policy
                                                             (guest: Patricia Derrian)
5:00 pm                        Chicago Sunday Evening Club (guest: John R.W. Stott)

6:00 pm                        Evening at Pops  "Old-Timers' Night" (guests: the Mills
                                                                        Brothers; rerun)
7:00 pm                        National Geographic Special  "The Tigris Expedition"
8:00 pm                        Shock of the New  "The Future That Was" (part 8 of 8)
9:00 pm                        Masterpiece Theater  "Danger UXB" (part 9 of 13)
10:00 pm                      Superstar Profile (guest: Clint Eastwood)
10:30 pm                      Dave Allen at Large
11:00 pm                      Dr. Who  "Genesis of the Daleks" (parts 4-6; rerun)

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