Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WFLD Channel 32 TV Schedule for Saturday, January 3, 1981

7:00 am                       World Tomorrow
7:30 am                       Our People/Los Hispanos
8:00 am                       Soul Searching
8:30 am                       Chicago '80
9:00 am                      Big Blue Marble
9:30 am                      World of Survival (rerun)
10:00 am                    Movie   "Out of the Fog"

12 noon                     Movie   "Footlight Glamor"
1:30 pm                     Movie   "The Werewolf of London"
3:00 pm                     Movie   "A Yank at Oxford"
4:30 pm                     Beverly Hillbillies (rerun)
5:00 pm                     Partridge Family (rerun)
5:30 pm                     Brady Bunch   "Going..Going Steady" (rerun)

6:00 pm                   I Love Lucy (rerun)
6:30 pm                   Dance Fever (Celebrity Judges: Irene Cara, Chuck Norris, &
                                                            Patrick Wayne)
7:00 pm                   Joker's Wild
7:30 pm                   Tic Tac Dough
8:00 pm                   Movie   "The Thing That Wouldn't Die"
10:00 pm                 Comedy Shop (guests: John Pate, Greg Evigan. Elayne
                                                          Boosler, Jimmy Martinez, & Henny
10:30 pm                 Kenny Everett Show (premiere)
11:00 pm                 Honeymooners   "Oh, My Aching Back" (rerun)
11:30 pm                 Comedy Classics (rerun)

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