Thursday, January 22, 2015

WTTW Channel 11 TV Schedule for Saturday, March 24, 1979

7:30 am                                Farm Digest
8:00 am                               Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
8:30 am                               Electric Company
9:00 am                               Studio See (rerun)
9:30 am                               Freestyle (rerun)
10:00 am                             Nova (rerun)
11:00 am                             Wild, Wild World of Animals (rerun)
11:30 am                             Once Upon a Classic

12 noon                               GED-TV
1:00 pm                              American Short Story (rerun)
2:30 pm                              College Hockey: NCAA Championship Playoff (teams not announced)
5:00 pm                              Julia Child & Company (rerun)
5:30 pm                              Once Upon a Classic

6:00 pm                             Book Beat (discussed: "You Don't Have to Be in Who's Who to Know
                                                                    What's What" by Sam Levenson)
6:30 pm                             Sneak Previews with Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert (rerun)
7:00 pm                             College Hockey: NCAA Playoff (teams not announced)
9:30 pm                             Dad's Army
10:00 pm                           Best of Ernie Kovacs (rerun)
10:30 pm                           Kup's Show
11:30 pm                           David Susskind

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