Sunday, December 28, 2014

WTTW Channel 11 TV Schedule for Thursday, August 22, 1968

4:30 pm                                Misterogers' Neighborhood
5:00 pm                                What's New
5:30 pm                                Friendly Giant
5:45 pm                                London Line

6:00 pm                             Travel: U.S.A.
6:30 pm                             Oldest Band In the Land
7:15 pm                             TV College: Business Law
8:00 pm                             The Creative Person (profiled: Antonio Gaudi; rerun)
8:30 pm                             The Power of the Dollar   "Take Over Trends" (rerun)
9:00 pm                             Our People with Jim Tilmon
10:00 pm                           Washington Week In Review
10:30 pm                           The Toy That Grew Up   "My Boy"

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