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Cover of the Chicago, IL edition of TV Guide, dated February 18-24, 1984

Here's the cover of the TV Guide for the Chicago IL area, dated February 18-24, 1984 & featuring Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, & Shelley Long of Cheers. The following local broadcast stations are in this guide:

2                         WBBM                                         CBS
5                         WMAQ                                        NBC
7                         WLS                                            ABC
9                         WGN                                           Independent (now CW)
11                       WTTW                                        PBS
26                       WCIU                                          SIN (now Independent)
32                       WFLD                                         Independent(now Fox)
38                       WCFC                                         Independent(now Ion)
60(now 50)        WPWR                                        Independent(now MyNetwork)
60                       WBBS(now WXFT)                   Independent(now Unimas)

Although WYCC(20) was in operation by this time, they apparently were not sharing their schedules with TV Guide. Also, WSNS(44) & WFBN(66) were operating as ON-TV & Spectrum(respectively) subscription channels & listings were confined to the evening grids.

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