Sunday, May 11, 2014

WTTW Channel 11 TV Schedule for Tuesday, May 10, 1966

           9:39 am                       Classroom (no subjects listed)

         5:00 pm                         What's New?
         5:30 pm                         Folk Guitar with Laura Weber

         6:00 pm                      Famous Cities   "Gothenberg: Sweden's Gateway to the West"
         6:30 pm                      Music
         7:15 pm                      Education
         8:00 pm                      From the Smithsonian   "A Glimpse of the Art of Africa"
         8:30 pm                      French Chef with Julia Child
         9:00 pm                      Eastern Wisdom with Alan Watts   "Queries & Sources"
         9:30 pm                      Time for Religion   "The Nature of Judaism"
       10:00 pm                      Crossroads with James Beveridge
       10:30 pm                      Literature

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