Saturday, May 10, 2014

WFLD Channel 32 TV Schedule for Sunday, May 8, 1966

           6:00 pm                       Breakthru   "Has Anybody Seen My Brother?"
           6:30 pm                       Charlie Chaplin Theater
           7:00 pm                       Richard Boone   "Death Before Dishonor"
           8:00 pm                       Film Feature   "When a Company Has a Birthday" with Richard
           9:00 pm                       Fashion News with Peg Zwecker (featured: Joan Crawford)
           9:30 pm                       World's Greatest Mother (a special salute to the Virgin Mary)
         10:00 pm                       News, Weather, Sports
         10:10 pm                       International Showcase with Buddy Black
         11:10 pm                       News, Weather, Sports

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